Who is theBeautyAdviser? It’s not a matter of who we are, more important is why we do what we do, but here just like in a mathematics equation there are 3 (three) unknown things, and I am about to tell you a bit about each of these 3, in 3 different blog posts. And I will start in a slight diplomatic way, by telling you a bit about us.

Who We Are

Now this is a simple one; we are theBeautyAdviser. Actualy at this point we is actualy a matter of a singular proportion, because the only member of the team is me, Vlad. I know it doesn’t sound like what a team should mean, but it’s a start.

Just like Martin Luther King, I have a dream! It all started in 2006 when I thought to myself I should create a website that should be the supreme destination for beauty lovers. That means a website with all sort of information about:

  • beauty culture
  • education in beauty
  • beauty products
  • beauty services like hair services, hair cuts, hair & scalp treatments, hair styling, nails services, facial and body treatments, etc.
  • product reviews
  • beauty services reviews

How it all Started

This supreme destination for beauty lovers, I imagined it should be a place where anyone, like a passionate, a connoisseur, a rookie, a hobbyist, doesn’t matter, every single person that whould have had a question about a beauty related issue, could find a relevant answer on this website.

So I tryed to build something. But, back then, I was at an age where the only things I could write about were parties. Did not have so much to do with the Beauty world. I took a free domain name, I started to build a website, but I got stuck after the first 3-4 words. And then it hit me “you should start doing some research about this, ’cause now you now nothing about it.” And so I did.


I was so lucky to get myself a full time job in the most prestigious name in the Beauty & Luxury world, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy in a brand new beauty retail store, SEPHORA, as a Beauty Adviser – it was actualy the pilot store in Romania – and the store’s name was Sephora Feeria. That was back in 2006. After 7-8 months I got a new job opportunity, but in a different company. And this was not beauty related anymore, but I did it. I got the job, I left Sephora, but somehow after a couple of months, somebody who now is very dear to me, called to ask if I would like to come back on a new position – that of a Store Supervisor –  inside Sephora.

Things were simple, having the chance to compare the two jobs – the beauty adviser position and the one that I had at the new workplace – I decided to go back to Sephora. It was a clear thing to me, that was what I wanted to do. So I got back.

New Job Offer

In 2009, a new job offer reached me, this time INSIDE Sephora – Shop Manager for a new store – Sephora AFI Palace Cotroceni. A great leap for me, and a good one for Sephora as well 😛 Aaaaand I got this one too.

4 years later, in 2013, while I decided to leave my car at home and take the tub to get to work, it hit me again weren’t you supposed to research stuff about this beauty world so that you could build that website of yours?!?!? And this time it hit me hard! I started to think about this beauty website so much, that my mind had gone crazy. And the thought that pressed me the most was How should I name it? Like if I had had a name, it would have been succesful already :)))  STOP NOW! I’m gonna come back to this in a moment.

L’Oréal & Kérastase

2014. Out, having lunch – actualy I was eating by myself at a local fast food – another important person for me called to ask if I would like to join her amazing team in L’Oréal, for Kérastase, as an Education Director. Obivously this kinda hit me even harder because this would have meant to leave Sephora, which at that time was an impossible thought for me. I loved Sephora! THE MOST! My colleagues, my work, my day to day life…everything was related or somehow built around Sephora. But, I thought that in order to discover more, in order to get even more closer to my dream, this is a step I should make.

And just like the simple saying of a very very well known sports apparel & shoes brand – I won’t name it, but NIKE said it best: Just Do It! And I did 🙂 I left Sephora…AGAIN.

I joined another huge name in the Beauty World, L’Oréal. After 5 months, 6 interviews – the last one during 4 hours time and 10 people in the audience, I finaly got the job as an Education Director for Kérastase and for L’Oréal Sales Academy. This was also back in 2014. In December to be more precise. On the 7th of December 2014 I left Sephora and in this video you can see how my colleagues decided to say welcome – or goodbye – on my last day at work. I will thank them for that moment for my entire life – that is the kind of reward worth fighting for.

Who is theBeautyAdviser?

8th of December 2014, my first day at L’Oréal and in January 2015, while driving to my office, guess what?!? IT HIT ME AGAIN! This time with the name. You now…the name. I told you to stop a bit earlyer and that I will come back in a moment. Well I thought…after so many years in the beauty world, after presenting myself as a beauty adviser for so many times…what other better name whould suit my website other than theBeautyAdviser. I pulled my car on the right, lighted up a cigarette, and started to search for this domain name, theBeautyAdviser.com. I found it, it was not taken, so I bought it.

This was the point where it was clear to me that soon it has to start. Who is theBeautyAdviser was no longer a difficult question to me. I knew what I had to do. Or at least this is what I thought. Who is theBeautyAdviser had a meaning. And so the adventure was about to begin.



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