Beauty Services. What do we do here, at Basically we put our entire passion, energy, experience, and know how in the service of Beauty. Now that you found out how it all started and a bit of who we are – please observe that I still use we with an italic font 🙂 – now it is time to eliminate one more unknown element from the equation.

Still L’Oréal & Kérastase

It was early 2015 when I bought the name of the website, This was only a starting point, because now I could start building the website. And so I did and I kept working on it for about a year. But the time passed and at one point I knew I had to make a decision. It was either my personal project, either my job. I couldn’t have done both and expected to reach great results with both of them. So in the spring of 2016 I made a move.

After 1 year and 7 months spent in L’Oréal as an Education Director for Kérastase and L’Oréal Sales Academy and after all the years behind spent next to Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy and Sephora I decided to dedicate myself to my dream. So I left L’Oréal and started my own company, a non-formal education company at its roots – Why education? Well the website project was my dream but training was a passion of mine and at the same time, this passion was about to help me a lot in building my dream.

Expect To Fail First

In my opinion everything should start with at least a little bit of research & documentation, as you might have already discovered in my previous post. At least that’s what I did for more than 10 years to get here, research, documentation, studying and lots of practice. And the base of everything I might imagine at this moment, should have a strong, solid base in education. In this world, the beauty world, without education, both beauty consumers and beauty specialists as well, will encounter problems in reaching their expectations. The consumers will have a vague idea about what Beauty is or about what it should be, and specialists will offer anything else but beautiful results. I will talk a bit more about this subject in a future post.

And so I started my online project. At first I developed an educational platform where all the content was created to develop consumers’ and beauty specialists’ competencies on beauty information and also on beauty services abilities. Not exactly what our visitors wanted unfortunately. And after a few trials with different types of content and different strategies that didn’t go as expected  – between 2015 & the end of 2016 – the entire online project was about to get a fresh new start in November 2016. This was the moment when, guess what, IT HIT ME AGAIN! 🙂

Sometimes An Inquiry Helps

During a business trip in Lisbon, Portugal – and later in Romania as well – I thought I should enquire a group of People, beauty consumers and beauty specialists as well, about an idea that I had. So what I basically did was to enquire 50 people from 5 different countries, as you can see below – boring, but useful numbers:

  • 23% men
  • 77% women
  • 87% beauty services consumers
  • 13% beauty salon owners & beauty specialists as well.

I asked them all how do they get (or their clients get) to make an appointment for a beauty service, and they all said that mostly by recommendation. At the same time I asked them what do they think about a website dedicated to beauty services that lets people discover local beauty salons – or local beauty services providers like nail bars, makeup bars, brow bars, barbershops, etc – read or write reviewsmake an appointment with only a simple finger tap, and also with a simple finger tap to see the shortest way to that salon with the help of integrated Google Maps. In 100% of the cases they said this would be very useful. 

So having all the research done and with the results on my enquiry, I started to develop the actual version of

Make It Useful

If there is one thing I had in mind all this time – from 2006 until now, 2017 – that’s creating something useful. Not only from my point of view, and specially not useful only for me. Useful for every single person that needs or loves beauty services.

During all the time spent in my research years, lots of friends and colleagues used to ask me if I know a good beauty salon. Or a good hair dresser. Or a good makeup artist, and even more a good beauty adviser. Each time I had an answer to these kind of questions. More than this, I was lucky enough to recommend exactly the place or the artist that fitted best with my friends’ or colleagues’ needs and at the end everybody was so happy. So I thought to myself, why keep this only for a few People around me and not make it greater. If recommendations are still useful, why not let everybody enjoy their usefulness.

Beauty Services At Your Service

We created a website that lets beauty services providers list their beauty locations very easily, gather recommendations from their clients through reviews and offer useful details that will let beauty services consumers do the following:

  • Discover Local Beauty Salons
  • Write or Read Reviews
  • Choose A Trusted Beauty Salon – based on other People’s recommendations
  • Make An Appointment
  • Get Directions To The Location.

All the above and even some more features in a single place, in the personal profile of each beauty location, and at a distance of one single finger tap – or mouse click if you use our website from your laptop/PC.

More than this, by listing their salons on, these beauty locations will improve their online presence. And as their number of reviews increases they will even gain more visibility in the digital environment without spending one single dime on this advantage.

The usefulness equation: + Beauty Salons Listings + Increasing Number Of Reviews More Beauty Services Digital Exposure More Reach On Potential Clients More Trusted Offerings For Beauty Consumers To Try



Beauty Consumers get the chance to reach local trusted beauty locations,

without worrying about the results they will get


Beauty Salons get the chance to win more clients.

Everybody Wins. 

“If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years on this planet, it’s that the happiest and most fulfilled people I’ve known are those who devoted themselves to something bigger and more profound than merely their own self interest.” – Famous Astronaut John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth in 1962


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